Welcome to Mile High Equipment Technicians!

Equipment Service & Repair for Colorado and surrounding states

2015_recognition-1Mile High Equipment Technicians (MHTT) is a local, family owned and operated equipment service & repair company serving Colorado and parts of Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and New Mexico. Here at MHTT, we specialize in preventative maintenance, calibration, electrical safety testing, compliance, installation & relocation, cleaning, diagnostic and repair services.

Our company understands Healthy Equipment = Healthy Business = Healthy People! It is our philosophy to provide only the highest quality service using our skilled and factory certified technicians with the know-how and expertise to service & repair all types of equipment and manufacturer brands used in chiropractic offices, physical therapy centers, medical facilities, fitness gyms, tanning salons, and more.  As a full-service provider, MHTT not only services & repairs but also specializes in the buying and selling of most new and used equipment from tanning beds, to chiropractic hylo/elevation tables, to a variety of fitness equipment; convenient for salon owners, chiropractors, physical therapists, and home fitness enthusiasts alike to find the best new and used equipment products to fit their business or home needs.

We understand our clients, sophisticated equipment and electronics is closely integrated into everything you do, from streamlined operations to new technical approaches, our focus is to minimize your downtime by utilizing the latest technology and utmost care to restore equipment functionality and bring you the results you need to best service your clients. We aren’t satisfied with our equipment service & repair until we can offer you a healthy and safe piece of equipment, because without it, you wouldn’t be operating a healthy business, and in return wouldn’t be serving your clients effectively!

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