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How to Safely Tan During 2021

December 18, 2020 Hagen Holmes Comments Off

Staying in peak mental health has been growingly difficult in 2020. Moving into the new year with the ongoing pandemic and COVID-19 regulations set in place, it will remain difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. Even with the restrictions, there is a way to safely set aside some “me-time” and tan safely during 2021.  


During the winter season, it is important to allocate time for yourself to curb seasonal depression. And with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic keeping many restrained in their homes unable to go out—that does not make for a good combination. It is always important to put your mental health first and try to get out of the house, even if it’s for a walk around the block. But when the weather makes that walk all but impossible, tanning is an effective way to enhance your mood and increase your vitamin D levels. 


But what about the COVID-19 regulations when you want to visit a tanning spa? Currently, the regulations in Colorado state that there must be a minimum of 6 feet between customers and employees when employees are not directly performing the service. Other measures include, but are not limited to reducing maximum capacity to 25% or 25 people, minimizing contact, and disinfecting all equipment that provides financial transactions, contact surfaces, and service equipment. Tanning rooms are also private rooms or single-use equipment, preventing any icky cross-contamination from being possible.  

To Recap:

Due to COVID-19 regulations, all tanning and personal service providers must abide by:

  • 6 feet physical distancing
  • 25% maximum occupancy (or 25 people, whichever is fewer)
  • Minimizing direct contact
  • Disinfecting all surfaces and equipment


What does this mean for you? Personal services like tanning facilities take cleaning and disinfecting their equipment very seriously. Even before the new regulations were put in place, reputable tanning facilities went to extreme lengths to be thorough with their cleaning, making sure to sanitize and disinfect tanning beds after each use. A solution is sprayed on the tanning bed and sits for 60 seconds (1 minute) before being wiped down to thoroughly sanitize the equipment. For disinfecting, a solution is applied and sits for 10 minutes before being wiped down. 


While this may result in longer waits, each service only accepts visits by appointment and takes these measures to ensure your utmost safety. Want to know more about the cleaning process before your visit? Read our blog on how to clean a tanning bed.


How we ensure tanning beds are kept safe:


  • We offer tanning facilities valuable guidance on how to operate their equipment while following all COVID-19 safety regulations and precautions 
  • Our expert advice informs tanning bed owners on how to constantly and consistently keep their tanning beds sanitized and disinfected between uses with a thorough cleaning process


Staying healthy during the winter and COVID pandemic is important and that’s why we want to be assured you can tan safely during this time. Give yourself some free time and get out of the house with a tanning appointment to give your mental health the boost it needs!


For tanning bed owners, we are happy to help you with a more in-depth cleaning for your tanning beds. Since tanning beds move a lot of air and dust, keeping the insides clean improves air quality in the salon too. Schedule an appointment and we can service any of your needs from scheduling maintenance visits to emergency tanning bed repair appointments, and more.