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Tips for cleaning your chiropractic table.

February 1, 2021 Hagen Holmes 0 Comments

Regular cleaning benefits your patients AND the bread-and-butter of your practice

Any chiropractor knows that a chiropractic table is the mainstay of their office. They also know how many people touch it every day, which leads to, you guessed it, germs, germs, and more germs. If you haven’t already been doing this (which any reputable chiropractic office should be!), in the age of Covid19, the chiropractic table and related equipment must be a priority when it comes to diligent and continual disinfection. But how do you maintain cleanliness and also keep your table in tip-top shape? You and I both know this equipment isn’t cheap! I’ve got some great tips for both:

  • Paper liners: OK, so this isn’t the most environmentally-friendly option; however, it is the fastest way to guarantee every patient has a sterile table on which to get adjusted.
  • Know which disinfectant to use and use it frequently: In addition to paper liners, it’s a good idea to give high-touch areas a good wipe down often. But be aware, not all disinfectants are equal when it comes to cleaning your tables. Most tables have vinyl or cloth surfaces, so you must be choosy when it comes to the type of cleaners you use, especially since you will use them often and want to avoid damaging the vinyl. In short, choose a mild, non-abrasive soap that doesn’t foam. Foaming soaps are bad for vinyl, the skin, and the environment, plain and simple.

Here are some great tips I have for cleaning specific stains and what to use on vinyl. Whatever you do, don’t use pure bleach or alcohol on your table surfaces.

  • Don’t forget the not-so-obvious touch points on your chair and around your office: While the focus is on the face cradle and table itself, don’t forget handles, railings, and steps or footholds (think about where all those shoes have been!)
  • Know the proper way to use disinfectant: It’s not as simple as a spray, wipe and walk away. According to a recent article from Samford University School of Nursing*, you’re aiming to disinfect the actual surface, not the layer of dirt and grime (albeit mostly invisible). So before disinfecting, it’s a good idea to wipe down the surface with warm soapy water, dry with a clean towel, and then spray your disinfectant. Don’t spray and then wipe up disinfectant right away; doing so will limit the cleaner from doing its intended job—virus and bacteria-killing. Let it sit for five to ten minutes before wiping it off.
  • Protect your valuable and costly equipment: Try not to soak the surface of your table to limit drips and spills onto the complex and small spaces of the metal and electric hardware beneath. Chiropractic tables have many small, hard-to-get-to spaces within the hardware. Compressed air is an excellent way to clean these areas, which is even more critical because there is more contact with moisture with continual spraying and disinfecting of high-touch areas. Don’t forget to maintain moving parts by keeping them well lubricated once a year. An experienced technician can help with this.

Sure, it’s a lot of work for an already busy office like yours, but your patients—and your equipment, therefore your bottom line, will stay healthy. And if cleaning is the least of your problems and you may be dealing with a faulty table, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re one of the only companies in Colorado that are skilled enough to fix a myriad of issues on chiropractic tables.

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*Sources: https://www.samford.edu/nursing/news/2020/Are-you-properly-disinfecting-your-home-surfaces


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