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Get your beds ready—and clean—for swimsuit season Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, which means your tanning beds have to be in tip-top shape, not to mention cleaner than ever! Sanitizing your tanning beds

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What you need to know about the maintenance of chiropractic tables Any chiropractor knows their entire practice is centered around the chiropractic table. It’s the equivalent of a workbench: everything must be in

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The basic service call in our Primary service area is $145.00 for the highlighted 'Zone 1' portion of the map. This will cover the initial travel, diagnosis, repair, and some parts. If a

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Regular cleaning benefits your patients AND the bread-and-butter of your practice Any chiropractor knows that a chiropractic table is the mainstay of their office. They also know how many people touch it every

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 DIY: How to clean and maintain your home gym Did you know that bacteria and viruses like Covid19 linger on surfaces for up to three days and sweaty, grimy gym equipment is reportedly

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Staying in peak mental health has been growingly difficult in 2020. Moving into the new year with the ongoing pandemic and COVID-19 regulations set in place, it will remain difficult. Difficult, but not

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Get a Tax Credit on ALL Qualified MHTT Equipment Section 44: Disabled Access Credit Americans with Disabilities Act   With the end of the year approaching, tax season is right around the corner,

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Tanning beds feature ultraviolet (UV) lamps and bulbs. UV light sources serve various purposes from water treatment to home tanning to captive reptile care. Similar to compact fluorescent light bulbs, UV lamps contain

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Sunless Inc., the maker of the popular sunless tanning booths MysticTan, VersaSpa, and Norvell was recently acquired by Harlan, Inc. and Branford Castle Partners L.P., New York based private equity firms. Few details

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Cleaning A Tanning Bed A tanning bed is a major investment for your business or home and it’s important to properly maintain your machine to prevent unnecessary damage and unsanitary conditions. Tanning bed

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