Since the humble beginning, Mile High Tan Tech has become the premier service provider for tanning, fitness, & salon equipment in Colorado. Hagen’s vision for the company was not to be viewed as a competitive retailer, but instead, a business partner as the local equipment service provider.

Over the years, MHTT has grown in its range of product & service offerings and recently partnered with DC Medical to expand expertise into the medical services industry. This partnership allowed MHTT to expand service offerings to include chiropractic, physical, & occupational therapy equipment. With such diversification and expanded service offerings, Mile High Tan Tech changed to MHTT Equipment Technicians in 2015.


MHTT is factory-trained, certified, and insured. Our technicians ensure you experience responsive, timely & quality repair service. Since we are locally owned & operated, many of us at MHTT are clients ourselves to the businesses in which we work with. Our relationships and commitment to excellence sets MHTT apart and translate through our mission:

Healthy Equipment = Healthy Business = Healthy People!

Hagen - Owner, Lead Technician

MHTT Hagen Holmes

Hagen Holmes, a Colorado native is the owner and lead technician of MHTT Equipment Technicians. He currently lives in Glendale Colorado, with his wife Rose of 18 years and their two kids.

Hagen’s curiosity with the inner-workings and mechanics of equipment started at age 8. Repairing his mom’s vacuum sparked a passion for building things with his hands, and that led him into home construction. There he honed his skills working for others interpreting sophisticated blueprints, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment. Over the years Hagen became less involved with the machinery itself and more involved in the higher-level management of the project, trading hands-on equipment work for large-scale blueprint creation & interpretation. Remaining passionate about the engineering & science behind equipment mechanics and utilizing his natural ability to fix anything, he re-committed to pursuing a life-long dream of building his own ‘hands-on’ business and thus purchased Mile High Tan Tech in 2011.

We enjoy what we do and we are always happy to be the solution. Please let us know if we can ever do more to meet your needs. I know you will like having us on your team.