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MHTT is the premier provider of repair and maintenance service for Level 2 medical devices in several industries, generally referred to as ‘Functional Health’ or ‘Functional Medicine’, this is not Emergency Medical Support. Although there is no requirement in the industry to be certified, Our technicians have been to training with several manufactures and received certification. Our philosophy is to provide only the highest quality service to keep your equipment working for you longer.

MHTT is the premier provider of repair and maintenance service for tanning and salon equipment. Our factory trained technicians have expertise working with tanning beds, sunless booths, and all salon equipment. 

Your equipment is the backbone to your operation, it helps you and your doctors keep healthy and happy. MHTT keeps the devices that keep you running; working. Our technicians are experts in adjusting and repairing most makes and models of chiropractic tables, diagnostic, and electrotherapy equipment. MHTT’s technicians also have the capacity to repair other various devices.

MHTT’s technicians are experts in servicing and repairing all different kinds of equipment for occupational and physical therapy, massage, and rehabilitation centers. Our, professional reliable, equipment service and repair restores functionality and extends the life of your devices; minimizing downtime and unexpected costs. We allow you to focus on the health of your patients.