These are a high performance upholstery vinyl, it can be used in high traffic environments from hospitality and healthcare to marine, automotive or outdoor applications. To keep your material looking great, please clean spills as soon as they occur with a mild soap and water solution and a clean cloth. Allow the area to air dry. See more below for detailed stain cleaning .

Specifications and Cleaning

ApplicationAutomotive, Contract – Hospitality – Healthcare, Multipurpose and Boats.
Fabric DesignSolids
Fabric TypeVinyl
Contents100% PVC Facing 100% Polyester Backing
Cleaning CodeSoap and Water
Finish TreatmentPVC Coated
PerformanceColdcrack -20 F (-29 C), UV Resistant
Flame Resistant CodesNFPA 260, UFAC – Class I
Fabric Weight36 oz. per Yard

Remove ordinary dirt and smudges with mild soap and water solution and a clean, soft cloth or towel. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or a towel. CAUTION: The use of vinyl conditioners” or “protectants” is not recommended and should be avoided on vinyl treated with PreFixx® protective finish.

To clean difficult stains, locate the staining agent in the list below and follow the corresponding recommended cleaning method. For best results, treat stains immediately.
Cleaning Tip: to determine the method and type of cleaners, the source of the stain should be identified.

Identify stain and cleaning

Method 1: Clean area with Formula 409® All-Purpose Spray Cleaner or Fantastik® Spray Cleaner, using a soft cloth or damp sponge, rinse the area with fresh water, then dry with a clean lint-free cloth.

Baby oil, ketchup, chocolate, motor oil, olive oil, grape juice, blood, tea, coffee, eye shadow, crayon, and grease and betadine.

If stain remains use Method 2

Method 2: Use a solvent-type cleaner, such as rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). Rinse the cleaned area with fresh water, then dry with a clean lint-free cloth.

Tobacco tar (nicotine), permanent felt marker, yellow mustard, lipstick, ballpoint pen and spray paint.

If stain remains use Method 3

Method 3: Use a strong, active solvent cleaner diluted in water (70% water/30% solvent cleaner) such as acetone-based nail polish remover (acetone/water). Clean with a soft cloth or damp sponge. Rinse the area with fresh water, then dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

The stain should be removed with less than 6 rubs. If the stain persists after 6 rubs, the stain has set and probably cannot be removed.

Replacement cushions are available for any budget. Choose your method and color from below. We can send you a little or a lot and can even do it all. Which one you choose depends on how flexible you are with your time and your budget.

Recover Damaged Cushion

$60 - $ 150
  • Close match to existing

  • Installation available

Full Replacement Set

$600 - $ 1200
  • Trip to Measure

  • All Cushions Match

  • New Foam and Boards

  • Installation Recommended

Complete Recover

$400 - $ 900
  • Trip to Measure

  • All Cushions Match

  • Installation Recommended


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