MHTT is happy to offer our lamp recycling service to replace your salon’s fluorescent bulbs and tanning bulbs. These lamps and bulbs contain potentially harmful substances such as mercury meaning their disposal is dangerous and often expensive. Recycling is the safest and most environmentally friendly option for disposal. MHTT is now happy to offer bulb recycling to our customers. MHTT’s recycling methods allow salon’s to maintain EPA compliance with federal and state hazardous waste regulations.

Our recycling is convenient and cost effective for our customers. The facilities required to recycle bulbs legally and safely are expensive and difficult to maintain. MHTT partners with these facilities so that salons can simply contact our office to schedule a used lamp pick-up.

MHTT can save you valuable time, money, stress, and space by recycling your used bulbs and lamps in accordance with governmental stipulations.


MHTT is happy to take care of your old lamps, by sending them to a responsible recycler for proper and environmental disposal.

Most of the lamps we pick up are 6’ and the cost for each is $0.80 each. Also, depending on quantity there may be a discount and/or a pickup fee associated with your location.

Visit our About page to view locations we service or Contact Us for an estimate. You can view our other tanning services here.