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How to sanitize your tanning bed

Get your beds ready—and clean—for swimsuit season

Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, which means your tanning beds have to be in tip-top shape, not to mention cleaner than ever! Sanitizing your tanning beds is quite simple, but I’ll go through several tips to sanitize safely and smartly.

  • What products can I use? 


Tanning beds are non-porous, so it’s relatively easy to clean surfaces on the beds. Here are some specific products for tanning beds: Four Seasons Disinfectant Cleaner, Australian Gold Disinfectant Cleaner, and Lucasol One-Step.


  1. What products shouldn’t I use? 


The glass used in tanning beds is actually not glass at all but acrylic; a modified version of clear plastic. With that said, any cleaners with alcohol or ammonia, or harsh abrasives could harm the acrylics on the tanning bed.


Pro Tip: It’s hard to repair tanning bed acrylics due to the weight and thickness, also there is a lot of debris in the crack. At MHTT, we supply and replace all sizes and varieties of acrylics. Sometimes you can exchange the bottom with the top.


  1. What kind of towel should I clean my tanning bed with? 


Although tanning lamps are glass, the acrylics covering the lamps can scratch, so it’s best to stay away from sponges with scrubbing surfaces or magic eraser-type sponges. A simple cloth should work just fine.


  1. How often should I sanitize?


It’s imperative to disinfect after every use. Instruct your clients on how to do it themselves, or it’s worth losing a little time between sessions to ensure sanitizing. Spray your chosen sanitizer onto the bed’s surfaces and high-touch points and let it sit for 60 seconds before gently wiping it away.


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  1. What to do with old tanning bed bulbs?


Part of cleaning and maintenance of tanning beds surely includes changing burnt-out bulbs. But wait! This isn’t as easy as your typical 40 watts, as you know. Here are comprehensive instructions for how to dispose of tanning bed lamps.


  1. Maintaining fans and proper airflow:


Fans need to be cleaned to stay balanced and cool. Airflow filters should be cleaned quarterly. These filters can be located in many different places in a bed: inside, outside, behind, and under, to name a few. Refer to your manual and make a checklist for each bed.


  1. When to call in a professional? 


Cleaning the basics of a tanning bed is relatively easy to do yourself, but there are times it might be a good idea to call in a professional, for instance, in the case of cleaning fans and circuit boards.


Pro Tip: Tanning beds have several components that begin to fail after 5,000 hours of use. Just like regular car maintenance and oil changes, hiring a professional to regularly maintain your tanning beds can mean avoiding costly repairs down the road.


CTA: Schedule a maintenance service today!

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